Bold and Interstellar

Take a trip to that secret spot above the city and aim your telescope at the stars. This season’s colorways take inspiration from bold shades of cosmic dust. Put your ears in contact with Comet Green, Cosmos Purple, or Eclipse Blue and you could tune in to new interplanetary sounds. Or just discover a really nice pair of headphones.

Eclipse Blue

You don’t need a pinhole projector to lay your eyes on this Eclipse Blue. Comfortable in its own gemlike shadow, this shade is as hypnotic to look at as it is to wear. Turn up your favorite transitory sounds and get ready for a whole new orbit of change.

Cosmos Purple

If you ever wondered what life is like beyond the earth’s solar system, you might find your answers in a pair of Cosmos Purple headphones. Deep and wise like the eye of a nebula, this color is bound to bring a strange new order to your earthly ways.

Comet Green

Bright like the dusty tail of a shooting star, this curious pastel will give you any thrill you seek. Wear headphones in Comet Green to add a surprising color burst to your everyday monochrome, or amuse your ears with unlikely tales of little green men.

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